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My name is Willa. This is my first blog. I love baking. I’ve been baking since I was a girl and since I’ve gone gluten-free two years ago, my baking has increased to a hobby rather than just baking to have something to eat or to try a recipe.

This blog will be gluten-free. However, the recipes can be easily adapted to put the gluten back in, since the majority of the time that’s all that I do: take a gluten-filled recipe, replace the flour with gluten-free flour, add xanthan gum, and voila, gluten-free goodness. So don’t be scared away by the gluten-free theme, you too can bake these tasty goodies easily, even if you don’t bake gluten-free.

I don’t bake casein, egg, or dairy free most of the time, but I visit the blogs of many who do. If I see a recipe there that looks promising, try it, and it’s good, then I’ll add it to my “will bake again” list. Lynn’s lovely loaf of Free to Eat, is currently my favourite bake at home gluten-free bread.

I realise this blog is currently unfinished, but I hope to polish it up and finish off the look soon. A bit about me: I stay at home with my three lovely children, ages four, three, and one. They are little darlings, but alas they do sometimes “postpone” my plans. I hope to start putting some proper content, with pictures (fingers crossed) up soon regardless of the three extra pairs of hands at the keyboard ;) .

There are so many good gluten-free blogs out there, so I know I’m one of many, but it is good to be one of this crowd and I hope to add some joy and tasty treats to the mix.

Till next time!

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