Marshmallow Mayhem


Yes, there really is a cake under there…somewhere.

I barely managed to save this cake from being a puddle of muddy goo. The recipe for the cake is from Diana’s Desserts. The marshmallow is from Grouprecipes. I love to try different recipes and experiment with them. I had the idea to make a chocolate cake covered in marshmallow. Sadly, my vision did not completely manifest as expected but came close. Instead of two layers of marshmallow there is only one on top of the cake.


It is a rich chocolatey cake and the marshmallow adds a nice contrast in texture. I can only imagine how it would be with TWO layers of marshmallow.


To assemble the cake, bake the cake first, then cool completely. Make the icing and spread a thin layer on the bottom layer of the cake. Next, make the marshmallow. It sets if you wait too long, so spread the marshmallow on top of the icing and on top of the other layer and wait a bit for it to set. Place the top layer on top and ice the cake with the chocolate icing.

The icing and marshmallow recipes make more than you need for a cake. Unless you want chocolate icing and marshmallow coming out of everywhere, making a smaller batch is wise. I didn’t understand at first why my marshmallow was not firming up. I tried reheating it and mixing it with egg whites; nothing worked, I had only a foamy mess.

After I whipped up the leftover syrup I had and it firmed up I saw that the issue was how big the recipe was. I whipped up the semi-set marshmallow in three batches, but only after I had put some on the bottom layer, waited, then put the top layer on only to have marshmallow goo come frothing out. I wish I had discovered the solution earlier, but at least the cake came together better than it would have with puddles of wet marshmallow everywhere. It took four, yes FOUR, hours to put this cake together, but it was worth it. The cake is delicious.

Notes: To make the cake recipe gluten-free, substitute gluten-free flour blend for the other flour and add 2 teaspoons xanthan gum. I used 1/3rd amaranth flour, 1/3rd cornflour (cornstarch), and 1/3rd sweet rice flour. I added vanilla extract to the marshmallow. Fold in 1 teaspoon vanilla extract after the marshmallow has been whipped up.

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