Chattanooga Chew-Chews


Here is another good recipe from Anna at Cookie Madness. Just the name alone is amusing enough for me to want to bake them. When my kids tried to pronounce the name it came out as “Chooga Chew-Chews” at first, then shortened up to just “Chew-Chews”. These are tasty bars and to me tasted like a cross between Millionaire’s Shortbread and a Skor bar. The caramel filling here is more toffee like than Millionaire’s, which is a smoother caramel.

To try something different, I put chocolate chips on half the bars and 80% dark chocolate on the other. The dark chocolate was definitely richer and did taste good, but in the end I think I prefer the chocolate chips, as there is a better balance of chocolate and toffee and the chocolate chips did not overwhelm the toffee as much as the dark chocolate did. I wonder what a caramel chocolate bar on top would be like? Delicious I’d expect, hopefully not too gut-bustingly rich.

I found myself without arrowroot starch for this recipe, so I had to come up with a substitute. I don’t think I’ve ever tried a gluten-free flour blend before, premixed or one I’ve blended myself, that didn’t have a starch in it, so I was curious to see how the recipe held together. I used tapioca flour, buckwheat flour, and white sorghum flour. It worked, but I found it a bit crumbly, more so than other shortbreads I’ve made. Those didn’t have pecans either though, which could possibly have contributed to the crumbliness.

The first pic above, is of the bars just out of the oven, with the chocolate melted but not spread over the top yet. You can see the toffee peeking out, which doesn’t really show up as well in the other two pics. All in all, these are good.  They are rich and toasting the pecans brings out a good amount of nuttiness. If you have a nut allergy, though, I’m sure they would be just as tasty without the pecans.  Thanks Anna for sharing the recipe.  Enjoy!


(Semisweet chocolate on the left, 80% dark on the right)


(Dark chocolate on the left this time. Are those two waltzing? ;) )

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