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Your Best Day Ever: Get Incredible Energy With Raw Foods

When it comes to health, the real common denominator is energy. And we know to get this energy we need a balance of proper nutrition, exercise and rest. Exercise is fairly straightforward -- there's a way to do it that suits everyone. Rest is simple too, if we can make the time, and reduce our stimulant intake so that we can actually sleep at night. But nutrition seems to continue to be a puzzle. Many diets can help one condition or another, but very few offer a complete picture: a lifelong path to high energy and vibrant health. Ready to make a real change? It's time to have a look at the raw and living foods diet.

Right away we get a little scared hearing "raw food"..."You mean like, carrot and celery sticks all day?" One first needs to understand what the raw food diet is really all about. It's about the highest level of nutrition AND gourmet eating imaginable. Browse some of the newest raw food "cookbooks" in your local bookstore and check out the pictures...mmmm! You could really even live on the deserts alone (but that's for another time)! Clearly it's not about just carrot and celery sticks; raw food is about preparing the most nutrient and flavor dense food on the planet, by getting creative while never allowing your food to be heated over 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

Interestingly, there's a lot of opposition to eating this way -- clearly from folks who either haven't tried it, or haven't given it a real effort. Claims are made that raw food is hard to digest (while somehow all life on the Planet got along quite well for millions of years without cooking!) or that the food will be too cold (have they tried a raw Jalapeno?).

So what is it about un-cooked food that's different? The big difference from a science-based standpoint is the availability of enzymes. These small molecules enable every chemical process in our body to occur. Many people are familiar with digestive enzymes -- the reason we might need to take them is that these enzymes have been cooked out of the food we're eating. When the food has not been heated over one hundred and fifteen degrees, the enzymes stay intact and assist digestion. These same little molecules help many, many reactions, and if they're not in our food, our bodies have to make them. Further, low levels of enzymes have been related to most of the major diseases we're -- raw foods offer a way to avoid the illnesses so prevalent in society today by offering us these very important nutrients.

Many people find they get fatigued by eating -- even when they're eating what they consider to be pretty healthy, many folks have a response that ranges from feeling a little mentally hazy to really tired after a meal. What's with that? That's the energy your body is expending having to produce enzymes, as well as dealing with the great many toxins produced by cooking. While the cooking process makes food truly addictive with its flavor, it also creates by products that do things like thicken our blood and jump start our immune system into action -- behaving as if we've been poisoned every time we eat.

Raw and living food diets are the foundation of a lifestyle that has the potential to cure many "incurable" illnesses. There are reports of raw-foodists being cured of diabetes. One of the country's most important sources of alternative cancer information recommends the raw food diet as the foundation of any other alternative treatment. The enzymes are absolutely necessary to destroy the very tough cell walls of cancer cells, while the diet makes our entire bodies more alkaline -- a condition in which cancer cells cannot survive.

While these practical dietary reasons are a great inspiration themselves, many people find the potential for personal transformation the greatest inspiration of all. A special method of photograph shows the obvious difference between cooked and raw foods in terms of life force. And by eating foods with the strongest life force, we ourselves can shine with the greatest life force.

There's a growing movement of people wanting to make a difference in the world -- have a true impact on the direction the Planet itself is going -- that believe raw food is an integral component. This way of eating has the smallest environmental footprint, while enriching those who practice it with the greatest amount of energy available from any diet. It is the most detoxifying, life-force enhancing way to go! There are many fantastic books and websites on the subject if you want to learn more of this way of reaching a whole new level of health.


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